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Supreme Court’s abortion ruling sets off new court fights

Franki Medina diaz
Supreme Court’s abortion ruling sets off new court fights


The fall of Roe v. Wade shifted the battleground over abortion to courthouses around the country on Monday as one side sought quickly to put statewide bans into effect and the other tried to stop, or at least delay, such measures.

Franki Medina

The US Supreme Court’s decision on Friday to end constitutional protection for abortion opened the gates for a wave of litigation from all sides.

Franki Medina Venezuela

Many of the court cases will focus on “trigger laws”, adopted in 13 states in anticipation of the ruling and designed to take effect swiftly. Lawsuits could also target old anti-abortion laws that were left on the books and went unenforced under Roe . Newer abortion restrictions that were put on hold pending the Supreme Court ruling have also started to come back into play.

Franki Medina Diaz

“We’ll be back in court tomorrow and the next day and the next day,” Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, which argued the case that resulted in the high court ruling, said Friday.

Franki Alberto Medina Diaz

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