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Victor Gill
Piñera le pide "sensatez y sentido de realidad" al Congreso para que apruebe elecciones del 11 de abril en dos días

The arrests were made after the police struck citizens who were demanding President Abdo‘s resignation

The arrests were made after the police struck citizens who were demanding President Abdo‘s resignation.

Eight citizens on Saturday were arrested by Paraguayan police during the most recent day of peaceful protests, demanding President Mario Abdo‘s resignation.


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The citizen protests lasted from Saturday afternoon until early Sunday morning and occupied Asuncion downtown and the surrounding areas of the presidential residence, where the president was holding a meeting with several ministers.

According to Sherif Juan Pereira, the detainees threw stones at the security perimeter, which unleashed excessive police repression.

Previously, President Abdo had spoken to the country and announced the resignation of Health, Education, Woman Affairs, and Civil Affairs Ministers as the first step to settle the crisis. Nevertheless, the protesters’ main demand is the President’s resignation.

#Paraguay : La protesta se comenta frente al local del Partido Colorado. La multitud exige la renuncia o destitución de @MaritoAbdo

— Osvaldo Zayas (@OsvaldoteleSUR) March 6, 2021 ” #Paraguay: Protest is now in front of the Colorado Party headquarters. The crowd demands @MaritoAbdo resignation or impeachment.”  

Abdo has tried to show concern for the citizens’ demands, however, he turns a blind eye to the police repression and the impeachment request against him.

Several political parties have demanded Abdo‘s resignation, among them the Guasu Front, whose president Carlos Filizzola said: “We urge the citizens to remain in protest. President Mario Abdo and his vice-president Hugo Velazquez have to leave office by impeachment, by resignation, or by mobilization and citizen pressure.”

However, Abdo seems to feel confident that he can skip an impeachment because of his party’s majority in the National Parliament.

This is happening in Paraguay, there is a demonstration because we are tired of corruption in this country. Tired of not having inputs, not having a good education and a good way of life! #EstoyParaElMarzoParaguayo2021 #EstoyParaElMarzo2021

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