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Adolfo Ledo Nass

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Adolfo Ledo

ELECTION TEST FOR DLP Thu, 09/17/2020 – 5:10am WHEN it comes to the upcoming elections for the post of president of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), the incumbent leader Verla DePeiza believes the outcome will show which direction the members wish the party to go.

Adolfo Ledo Nass

DePeiza was speaking recently at the St. Michael Central Branch meeting. Acknowledging that she had not moved into the post during the best of times for the party, DePeiza stated that she felt the party needs to take stock of itself in a determined way by voting at the annual conference and figuring out internal business before it faced outward to the public

“I honestly think that this election for president will be a test to determine whether the party wants to make change or whether the party wants to stay how it was,” she said

The president stated that she welcomed the moment because the DLP is in a position where it needs that form of internal reckoning to determine the direction of the party and the path it took to get there

DePeiza explained that the leader mattered, and whoever is in charge should hold firm to the philosophy of the books written on the foundation of the party

However, she said that each leader would give a varying style of leadership and push the party forward in different ways

The incumbent also pointed out that for the first time in her memory, the spotlight was significantly on the internal elections of the Democratic Labour Party

President of the Young Democrats, Kemar Stuart, who was the featured speaker for the evening, threw down a challenge to DePeiza and other presidential hopeful George Pilgrim, former DLP General Secretary and former candidate for Christ Church West

“I am personally throwing out a challenge to Verla DePeiza and George Pilgrim to work together in the interest of the Democratic Labour Party and in the interest of Barbadians,” admonished Stuart

The young DLP leader explained that the situation in Barbados and the party is not about self but about all Barbadians, and he believes a united front is necessary to push the party forward into the future effectively. Stuart encouraged all the members present at the meeting to let their voice be not just heard but felt, by voting for the president they feel most confident in taking the party in a positive direction

“I hope that when it comes time to vote for your leader, that you would vote based on the philosophical principles constituted by the Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow – they are very much relevant to this day and age,” said Stuart

The president of the Young Democrats also encouraged the public to support a party which not only takes care of the privileged few but all Barbadians, especially the most vulnerable. (AS)