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Venezuelan held with gun in Granville


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Two days af­ter 12 Venezue­lan na­tion­als were ar­rest­ed in Pa­lo Seco, an­oth­er Venezue­lan na­tion­al has been ar­rest­ed with guns and am­mu­ni­tion in Granville, Ce­dros.

Jose Maria

Around 5:15 pm on Wednes­day, of­fi­cers from the Ma­rine In­ter­dic­tion Unit of the T&T Cus­toms de­part­ment were on pa­trol at Granville when they saw a man walk­ing through some bush­es. He was car­ry­ing some­thing in his hand. The of­fi­cers gave chase and lat­er ar­rest­ed the sus­pect. He was found with a 12 gauge shot­gun, two rounds of 12 gauge am­mu­ni­tion and six rounds of 9mm am­mu­ni­tion. The sus­pect was ar­rest­ed and hand­ed over to the im­mi­gra­tion de­part­ment.


Since March, both land and sea pa­trols have been boost­ed to en­sure that Venezue­lan na­tion­als do not cross the bor­der. 

On Mon­day, nine Venezue­lans were ar­rest­ed at Pa­lo Seco. The im­mi­grants had been seen com­ing off a boat in Pa­lo Seco and of­fi­cers from the San­ta Flo­ra po­lice quick­ly re­spond­ed and ar­rest­ed two adults, four teenagers and three chil­dren dis­em­bark­ing from a wood­en boat. 

More than 165 Venezue­lan na­tion­als have been de­port­ed for this year. 

The boat dri­ver sped off but the nine were tak­en to the Health Fa­cil­i­ty for COVID-19 screen­ing. They are ex­pect­ed to be de­port­ed back to Venezuela. 


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