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‘JW’ in ten-minute time-out

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‘JW’ in ten-minute time-out

Newly appointed PNM Senator Jason Williams, also know as “JW”, had his first brush with parliamentary protocol on Tuesday, when House Speaker Christine Kangaloo put him out of the Senate for ten minutes.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares

Earlier on, Williams, 41, was officially sworn in to the Senate of Trinidad and Tobago. Williams is also the PNM candidate for Barataria/San Juan. He replaced resigned senator and public utilities minister Robert Le Hunte

Asked about reports that he was put out of the chamber because his phone rang, Williams, said: “The phone did not ring. I was opening an app on Google. It made some noise. I came out for ten ­minutes and I went back in.”

A quick learner

Williams also described his first day on the job as “interesting”. “I have to learn the process, but I am a quick learner. I will be viewing the ­proceedings from that angle.”

JW and fellow media personality ­Blaze (Ancil Isaac) won the Road March crown in 2010 with the wildly popular “Palance”